How BiD-Me works

Below are quick and easy steps to apply for a loan using the BiD-Me platform.

Register on bid me Platform for free

1. Register for free

Register for free on our secure and user friendly platform and BiD your loan to various banks and Financial Service Providers (FSPs).

Verify identity and credit score

2. Verify your identity

Complete your demographic information, no need to upload photocopies. On our platform everything is digital.

Choose your loan amount

3. Do a quick credit score check

With our platform, you can check your credit score and get tips on how to improve it.

Add demographic information

4. Choose a loan amount to send

Select the amount you need to borrow.

Submit your load bid to the bank

5. BiD your loan

Submit your loan request and let our bank and FSP partners BiD for your loan.

Wait for loan bank offer

6. That’s it, Wait for various banks and FSPs approval.

On our platform loan approval takes minutes. You are able to choose the proposed approval structure that suits you the best from the various received.

Loan Application made easy and affordable

Easy and fast response for your loan application

Bridging the gap between financial services and everyday people.

  • Free to use platform
  • Full data privacy compliance
  • 100% transparent costs
  • Commitment-free
  • Real-time spending overview
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Our Features

The BiD-Me platform was designed with user friendliness and adding value in mind.

Fast and secure application

Our platform is secure, PCI compliant and user friendly.

Email/SMS notifications

Receive realtime updates on the progress of your loan approval process.

Simple dashboard to manage your loan

Our dashboard gives you a summary of all loan activities and performance indicators.

Information enrichment

All data is put together to help our customer make informed decisions.


Dashboard of your consolidated loans at your fingerprint

Get a summary of your loan activities aggregated and see how your credit score improves and so much more.

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