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How BiD-Me works

Below are quick and easy steps to apply for a loan using the BiD-Me platform.

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Register for free on our secure and user friendly platform.

2. Verify your identity

Complete your demographic information, no need to upload photocopies. On our platform everything is digital.

3. Do a quick credit score check

You can do a free credit check on our platform without impacting your score, plus you can get tips on how to improve your score.

4. Choose a loan amount to send

Select the amount you need to borrow.

5. BiD your loan

Submit your loan request and let our bank and FSP partners BiD for your loan.

6. That’s it! Various approved offers from banks and FSPs will be presented on the platform.

Loan approval takes mere minutes and various offers are presented to you. You may compare the offers and choose the structure that suits you the best.


Easy and fast response to your loan application.

BiD-Me integrates digitally with banks and financial service providers, providing you with the convenience of instantly approved loans to choose from.

  • Fast, Secure and user friendly platform.
  • Email/SMS notifications on the progress of your loan approval.
  • Simple dashboard to manage your loan activities.
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What People Are Saying.

Below are some of the comments of our satisfied customers.


Lucky T

Fast and efficient way to get a loan offer!

Victor T

BiD-Me gave me access to choose from various offer from the different financial service providers.

Kalvin R

So quick! no documentation and scanning of documents required! I recommend BiD-Me, it is hassle free.

Meet our Leaders


Danny Zandamela

Founder & CEO

A banking professional with over 38 years’ experience across 4 banking groups and several countries. He has been a bank CEO for over 20 years. At one of South Africa’s largest banks, the FirstRand Banking Group, he occupied the following roles: CEO First National Bank of Botswana Limited, CEO FNB Corporate Banking, CEO FNB Africa, CEO FNB Public Sector Banking and CEO FNB Commercial Banking (Gauteng). Whilst at First National Bank of Botswana Limited, he had the honour of leading his excellent team to achieve the No.1 position in that market through great strategies, unequalled team commitment, and the introduction of innovative mobile banking solutions, a first at the time. He has extensive experience as a board member of various banks across the continent. read more

He has extensive experience as a board member of various banks across the continent. He was the CEO of First National Bank of Botswana Limited, leading his excellent team to achieve the No.1 position in that market through great strategies, unequalled team commitment, the application of innovative mobile technologies and exceptional, awarded service.
He holds an MSc (Strategic Management) and is a doctoral candidate with a research focus on "The Benefits of Open Banking to Banks, Consumers and FinTech Companies".


Noni Motshweni

Co-Founder & COO

A seasoned leader with over 16 years’ experience in the Financial Services Sector. For more than 10 of those years she occupied leadership roles in the banking industry at two of the largest banks in South Africa, ABSA and WesBank with another 5 years within Capital Markets at the JSE in various Senior IT roles. Her diverse experience in Banking, Capital Markets and Health Insurance at Discovery has seen her excel in senior management roles in business analysis and management consulting whilst at Accenture. read more

She has lead large scale project teams and delivered on standards of processes to set up new business divisions. She has over 10 years’ experience in managing teams that vary from Operational to IT teams. She also played a key role in the delivery of an enterprise-wide PaaS system for a large corporate within the African continent.
She holds a BCom degree in Financial Management, and a diploma in Business Analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of your questions.

Does BiD-Me charge me for use of the platform?

No, BiD-Me provides the services provided for free to you, the user.

Is BiD-Me affiliated to or promote any of the banks?

No, BiD-Me is an independent business and is not affiliated to any banking organisation or Financial Services provider.

Does BiD-Me handle or have access to the loan I apply for in any way?

No, BiD-Me’s role is that of a digital facilitator. We do not receive your loan proceeds nor do we have access to any of your funds or accounts at any time.

Does BiD-Me use high level security to keep my data safe?

Yes, our platform uses bank grade encryption to protect your data.

Does BiD-Me offer loans?

BiD-Me provides you easy access to the banks and Financial Service providers who grant the actual loan to you. We are an Open Banking platform and we work with all the institutions that have agreed to work with us so as to provide you with easier access to financial services.

Does BiD-Me store my Online Banking details when I log in to give access to my bank statements?

No, these details are not stored by BiD-Me at all. You enter them directly onto your Online Banking profile which is merely presented to you via the BiD-Me site.

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